Titular de Insurance Insights
Volume 6, No. 11 - November 2017


Health Care Knowledge You Need to Know

Estimados Compañeros Floridanos:

Healthcare coverage is a valuable tool in keeping ourselves and our families healthy, but in recent years, the cost of health insurance keeps climbing. I'm certain you've felt the strain on your family's monthly budget, just as I have. Regrettably, on top of monthly premium payments, there's an impending tax that stands to drive our costs even higher: the federal Health Insurance Tax.

If you haven't heard of it, I encourage you to learn more about this tax, which I believe is burdensome, unnecessary and will negatively impact Florida's financial bottom line. Initially scheduled to go into effect in 2017, Congress opted to delay its implementation until JanuHealth Ins Txary 1, 2018. While I believe this was a smart move that lowered policyholder premiums by three percent this year, without additional action, it ultimately serves as nothing more than a delay tactic.

Como Oficial Principal de Finanzas de la Florida, mi trabajo es controlar la seguridad de las finanzas de la Florida y hacer sonar la alarma en caso de que existan leyes que dañen el estado de las finanzas de las familias de la Florida y del estado. Solamente la Florida enfrenta un aumento general de $1.7 mil millones en las primas de atención médica de 2018.

I know that Florida families simply cannot afford these increases, nor can they afford Congress to sit by and do nothing. This week, I wrote a letter to Florida's congressional delegation urging them to take swift action to address this ill-designed and costly tax ahead of its implementation.

Para leer una copia completa de mi carta, haga clic aquí. Los mantendré informados sobre mis futuras conversaciones y, mientras tanto, les recomiendo que busquen información sobre este impuesto y se pongan en contacto con su delegación del Congreso para fomentar la acción sobre este tema importante.



Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida


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