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Claims Information
Guarantee Insurance Company

How do I file a claim against the estate of GIC?

​The Receiver's claim filing deadline is November 27, 2018.

In order for a claim against the estate of GIC to be considered timely-filed, completed proof of claim forms must be submitted and postmarked by November 27, 2018.

¿Cómo obtengo un formulario de prueba de reclamación?

​If you would like a proof of claim form, please contact the Receiver by using our "Contáctenos". Si no, puede contactar al Administrador Judicial al 850-413-3081 (línea gratuita para los residentes de la Florida: #800-882-3054).

Can I file a proof of claim form in the GIC estate after the filing deadline? Will it be considered late-filed?

​Yes, you may file a proof of claim. However, any proof of claim form postmarked after November 27, 2018 will be processed as late-filed.

Do I need to submit a proof of claim form to the Department in order to have a state guaranty association make payments on my loss claim?

​No. The state guaranty associations has access to the company claim files and will review your claim to determine if it is a covered claim on which payments may be due. If you are not certain that your claim is covered by a guaranty association and/or you wish to make a claim directly against the GIC receivership estate, you must submit a proof of claim form to the Department.

When is the Department sending out Proof of Claim forms?

​The Department mailed 16,820 Proof of Claim forms on February 22, 2018 to policyholders, injured workers, employees, general creditors, premium finance companies and various government agencies. A second mailing will occur in March. The claim filing deadline is November 27, 2018. More information can be found here: páginas de GIC .