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División de Rehabilitación y Liquidación
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Proof of Claim Information
Quality Health Plans, Inc.

Información sobre Prueba de Reclamación

The Receiver mailed Proof of Claim forms to all known claimants in August, 2012. The Claim Filing Deadline for filing Proof of Claim Forms timely was November 16, 2012. Due to a Claims Bar Date ordered by the Court, any claims submitted to the Receiver and received after April 23, 2019 will not be processed.  You may contact the Receiver by using the "Contáctenos" form on the Receiver's website, or by calling 1-800-882-3054 (Florida only) or 850-413-3081.
If your address has changed since December 1, 2011, please go to the Receiver's website,, click on Name and Address Change on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions. You will need to complete this process before requesting a new form. If you mail in the change of address request after the Receiver has mailed Proof of Claim forms, a new form will be mailed to you at the new address.
Once all Proof of Claim forms have been received and evaluated, claims will be divided by priority class as defined in Section 631.271, Florida Statutes. With approval of the Court, Notices of Determination will be mailed to all known claimants identifying the amount of claim they filed and the recommended amount as adjudicated by the Receiver. Each claimant has the right to object to the recommended amount if not in agreement with the amount. Objections received after the established deadline are not considered.
Once all objections have been resolved, all legal issues resolved and all possible assets collected, the Receiver will recommend to the Court a distribution plan based upon available monies in the estate. Once the Court approves the plan, claimants will be paid according to Class, starting with Class 1 and continuing as far as monies are available. This process could take several years to complete.