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Oficial Principal
de Finanzas

Jimmy Patronis

Departamento de Servicios Financieros
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0301

Vendor Ownership Survey

The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) is charged with processing payments on behalf of the State of Florida to its vendors. In furtherance of these duties, the Department is currently conducting a survey of vendor ownership to determine the extent to which vendors doing business with the state, and may have received taxpayer money, are owned or controlled by United States interests. This information will be used to better identify businesses that are majority-Communist Party of China owned that do business with the state of Florida.

Read the full press release aquí.

Survey Instructions

  1. If you are a vendor that is domiciled in the United States and controlled directly or indirectly at all levels (meaning at least fifty percent (50.00%) ownership or more) by United States citizens and entities ("U.S. Interests"), you are hereby requested to respond by verifying your status as a company owned and controlled by U.S. Interests, in order to avoid necessary follow up by the Department. Please email your response to

  2. If you are NOT included in the above because you are NOT owned or controlled by U.S. Interests, your response stating so is also requested. Please email your response to

If you have any questions, please email