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Centro de Atención Telefónica por Coronavirus

Teléfono: (866) 779-6121 | Email:
El Centro de Atención Telefónica está disponible de lunes a viernes de 8 a. m. a 8 p. m.

Small BusinessesDenuncie el Fraude

COVID-19 Small Business Resources Webinar

  • CFO Directive 20-01: Relating to travel insurance and ensuring rules relating to the transaction of insurance allow insurance agents to telework.
  • CFO Directive 20-02: Ensures that hospitals and medical facilities can safely erect temporary medical facilities and gives temporary health facilities first priority for fire safety inspections and certification to facilitate rapid expansion of Florida’s inpatient bed capacity, if needed.
  • CFO Directive 20-03: Provides guidance for State Fire Marshal licensees, including firesafety inspectors, fire service instructors, fire protection system contractors, and firefighters.
  • CFO Directive 20-04: Provides guidance for deathcare industry licensees, including cemeteries and pre-need licensees.
  • CFO Directive 20-05: Directs the DFS Division of Risk Management to provide workers’ compensation coverage for frontline state employees, while allowing individual agency heads to opt-out of these provisions.
  • CFO Directive 20-06: Suspends employer penalty payments and reinstatement of stop-work penalty orders issued by the Division of Workers’ Compensation. The Directive also suspends strict compliance with the requirement that workers’ compensation insurers mail informational brochures pursuant to 440.185(3), and allows such insurers deliver the brochures by other means such as email of facsimile transfer.
  • CFO Directive 20-07: Permits certain insurance agent licensure applicants to obtain temporary licenses while insurance-agent examining centers remain closed due to COVID-19, provided additional supervisory and assumption of liability parameters are satisfied.
  • Governor’s Executive Orders

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