Volume 2, No. 4 - June 2011

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Preparación para Catástrofes

A disaster can strike your business or your home anytime. Take action and learn ways on how to prepare.
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While we've all been witnessing the devastation caused by natural disasters in many states and throughout the world, hurricane season is now upon us. It's very important that we all take the time now to prepare before a natural disaster strikes, whether it's a flood, tornado or hurricane. I have partnered with the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) for their 2011 Great Hurricane Blowout preparedness campaign to raise awareness about strengthening homes and safeguarding families.

The 2011 Florida Legislative Session ended on May 6.  The major bill this session relating to property insurance was approved by the Governor on May 17, and there is a summary of its key components in this issue's In The Know section. Be sure to read through it if you hold a license and stay tuned for more legislative updates in future issues of The Pulse.

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Jeff Atwater

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