Volume 2, No. 7 - November 2011

Central de Educación

- Lo que debe saber acerca de su educación continua

Education Course Search Updated

Anyone who logs in to their Mi Perfil account (licensee, provider, etc.) and clicks to search for future prelicensing and continuing education courses from within their Mi Perfil account now has the ability to search for courses that are being offered in the next month, next 2 months, and so on, as well as searching for all future course offerings. All of the results will be listed in pages of 20 course offerings with the ability to go to each page to review the offerings. Previously, you could only view the first 100 results. We strongly encourage you to check out this enhanced feature! Please note that the public search for future prelicensing and continuing education courses (without logging in to a Mi Perfil account) will continue to limit the results to 100 course offerings as it has in the past.

Education Course Providers: Update to your MyProfile Inbox

Education course providers' Mi Perfil inboxes now have your notifications limited to a certain amount per page. You can go from page to page to review all the notifications you have not deleted.

Ongoing Long-Term Care Partnership Training

Federal law requires insurance companies offering long-term care insurance to ensure their agents have received adequate training in long-term care insurance. All health insurance agents who sell, solicit or negotiate long-term care insurance must have completed 8 hours of initial long-term care partnership insurance training. Agents who have met their 8-hour initial long-term care partnership training must complete 4 hours of ongoing training within 24 months from the date of their initial 8-hour training. This federal requirement on insurers is regulated and monitored in Florida by the Oficina de Regulación de Seguros (Office). The Office has considered amending its norma to provide additional information about long-term care training requirements in Florida. In the interim, we, at the Department of Financial Services, have attempted to assist agents by reviewing and approving courses that have been submitted to meet both the federal requirement and the agent's continuing education (CE) requirement. To find these:

  1. Visit our website: www.MyFloridaCFO.com/Agents.
  2. Haga clic en Central de Educación on the left panel.
  3. Haga clic en Encuentre un Curso de Educación Continua. This will take you to the CE Course Search database.
  4. Go to the Área de estudio field, select and highlight "CE0240 Long-Term Care Partnership".
  5. Go to the la Autorización para el Curso field, select and highlight "CE 2-40 Health".
  6. Go to the Método de Estudio field, select and highlight the desired study method.
  7. Click on the Búsqueda provisto.

This will take you to a list of Florida approved CE courses that would also qualify towards satisfying the federal requirement. Other courses that aren't approved for Florida CE may also qualify. For information on such courses, please contact the Oficina de Regulación de Seguros.

You can always log in to your Mi Perfil account to check your CE requirements, verify the hours you have completed, locate courses being offered, and see other important information about your license.


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