Volume 3, No. 1 - January 2012

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Verify and Update Your Email Address and Other Information

Appointment activity does not update or change a licensee's address. While an appointing entity may have your new address, it is not transmitted to the department during the appointment process. The same is true for initial appointments, cancelled appointments and non-renewed appointments. If the licensee's email address, residential address, principal business, street address or mailing address has changed, it is the responsibility of the licensee to advise the department of the change. Changes to these addresses can be made via the licensee's Mi Perfil account. Failure to update your address records with the department can result in administrative action against your license and prevent you from obtaining appointments.

After you log in to your Mi Perfil account, click "Address Change" on the right. You must go through all of your demographic information by clicking "Continue" to verify the information. If you make any changes, you must click continue in order to complete the checkout process. This will ensure that your changes are saved. If you have another license, such as an agency license, you will need to verify and update the addresses on file with the Department for that license via its separate Mi Perfil account.

It is also a good practice to regularly check your Mi Perfil account(s) for any messages that we have sent you that you may have missed in your email. If your email address is marked invalid due to your SPAM filter or any other reason, we will not email that address again unless you go into Mi Perfil and resubmit the address via the process outlined above. Situations like this is why we continue to suggest you add our MyFloridaCFO.com domain to your email software's Trusted or Safe Senders List to ensure you receive all notifications from us. You may also wish to contact your email provider to ensure that our domain is not blocked.

[See 626.551 y 648.421, Estatutos de la Florida]

Reminder of Important Changes Regarding Appointments in Florida

Renovaciones de Nombramientos Cuando un Titular de Licencia Tiene una Dirección No Válida

If a licensee/appointee has an invalid address on file with the Department, then no appointing entity will be able to renew the licensee's appointment. This process is already in place for initiating original appointments and will now be incorporated into the appointment renewal process. When the licensee updates their address(es) in their Mi Perfil account, then the licensee will be able to have their appointment(s) renewed. The addresses included in this process are email, home, business and mailing.

Cargos por Demoras en el Envío de un Nombramiento Original o Renovación

Appointing entities will be assessed the statutory $250 late fee in addition to the statutory $60 appointment fee for each initial/original appointment submitted late. A late original appointment is any initial/original appointment that has a requested effective date more than 45 days before the submittal date.

For example, if on March 1, 2012, an appointing entity submits a initial/original appointment with an effective date of January 2, 2012 (more than 45 days from the submittal date) for a licensee, the appointing entity will be required to pay the $60 original appointment fee and the statutory $250 late fee. On the other hand, if on March 1, 2012, an appointing entity submits a initial/original appointment with an effective date of February 1, 2012 (less than 45 days from the submittal date), the appointing entity will pay only the $60 original appointment fee.

Additionally, appointing entities will be assessed the statutory $25 late fee in addition to the statutory $60 appointment fee for each appointment renewed late. A late renewal appointment is one that is paid after the renewal month.

The late fees must be paid by the appointing entity and cannot be charged back to the appointee.

[See sections 624.501, 626.371, 626.381, 648.382, y 648.383, Estatutos de la Florida]

Cronología de Renovación de Nombramientos y Cambios en la Notificación

We will send an email notification to an appointing entity 90 days before an appointment is up for renewal, in addition to posting the renewal invoice in their eAppoint account, which will indicate any appointee with an invalid address. An insurance agency that has appointed a customer representative will receive a similar email notification at the same time. This serves as a reminder and provides the appointing entity time to make modifications to the list of appointments they will be renewing such as reminding any appointee with an invalid address to update it with the Department.

Se enviará otra notificación por email a la entidad emisora de nombramientos el primer día del mes de renovación a fin de informarle que podrá acceder a los nombramientos que necesita renovar y realizar el pago a través de eAppoint. Los titulares autodesignados recibirán una notificación similar por email el mismo día. La factura de renovación estará disponible para realizar el pago a partir del primer día del mes de renovación y puede pagarse hasta el último día de ese mes sin que se apliquen los cargos por demora.

El primer día del mes siguiente a la fecha de vencimiento del nombramiento se enviará un aviso por email a las entidades emisoras de nombramientos para notificarles que el pago no se recibió, que se aplicaron los cargos por demora y que la factura seguirá estando disponible durante 45 días más para pagarla, incluidos los cargos por demoras. De lo contrario, el nombramiento se cancelará. Si luego de este período de 45 días no se renueva el nombramiento, éste será cancelado debido a la no renovación y se enviará una notificación por email a la entidad emisora de nombramientos y al titular de licencia para informarles la cancelación del nombramiento y hacerles llegar información sobre el proceso de renombramiento y el cargo por demoras.

Por ejemplo, si la fecha de vencimiento de un nombramiento fuera el 31 de Marzo de 2012, la factura estaría disponible para su pago el 1 de Marzo de 2012, y no se cobrarían cargos por pago tardío. El 1 de Abril de 2012 se cobraría $25 en concepto de cargos por pago tardío por cada nombramiento y la factura continuaría disponible para su pago hasta el 15 de Mayo de 2012. El 16 de Mayo de 2012, si no se recibió el pago, se procedería a cancelar el nombramiento.

If the appointing entity wishes to reinstate an appointment after it has been cancelled for non-renewal, and no lapse in appointment coverage is desired, the appointing entity will be required to process a initial/original appointment submission and enter the requested effective date. If the initial/original appointment's requested effective date is more than 45 days from the submittal date, then the statutory $250 late fee described above will be assessed.


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