Volume 2, No. 4 - May 2013

Central de Educación

- Lo que debe saber acerca de su educación continua

Are You Compliant with Your CE or Not?

If you have ever felt confused about what it means to be continuing education (CE) compliant, you are not alone. That's why we're continuously finding and implementing ways to help you with this. To be CE compliant requires more than just taking CE courses. Below are a few often overlooked criteria to remaining CE compliant.

  • CE requirements change. You should regularly review your CE status through your Mi Perfil account. Your total hours have specific allocation requirements that must be met. Be sure to take all the right categories of CE courses.
  • Check for late hours. Hours taken after your due will still post on your compliance evaluation screen (however it will show it as late). Though your hours requirement may have been met, you're still delinquent for being late in completing your CE hours. You will then have the option of paying a $250 fine, in addition to completing your required hours within a specified time, to keep from losing your appointments.
  • Check past evaluation periods. Always check previous compliance periods to date to make sure that you are not delinquent for a prior period. Be sure to click on VIEW ENFORCEMENT NOTICE just below the Not Compliant text to check for any outstanding fines.
  • Check your transcript. The same course cannot be taken with the same provider within a three-year period and receive credit. This will be noted on your transcript that it is a duplicate course. You will need to take a different course to meet your CE requirement.

We wish you success as you continue to complete your hours to remain knowledgeable in an ever-changing insurance market. And remember, your CE compliance date is your DUE date, not your DO de la agencia.

Cómo Buscar Cursos de EC Aprobados

Looking for continuing education (CE) courses to be sure you get all your hours completed? Our online course search can easily help you by listing those courses approved by the Department.

  1. Ingrese a nuestro sitio web en www.MyFloridaCFO.com/Division/Agents.
  2. Haga clic en Mi Perfil en el panel izquierdo e inicie sesión en su cuenta.
  3. Desde la bandeja de entrada de Mi Perfil, haga clic en Localizar en la parte superior izquierda. Luego haga clic en Cursos Ofrecidos Futuros.
  4. Seleccione la Autorización para el Curso para el tipo de licencia que tiene o el curso que necesita hacer.
  5. También tiene otras opciones como Método de Estudio y Ubicación para reducir los resultados de la búsqueda.
  6. Si hace clic en Realizar una Búsqueda Avanzada, accederá a opciones adicionales para reducir los resultados de su búsqueda, como Fecha del Curso y Nivel del Curso.

Because many factors may affect your continuing education requirement (e.g. licenses held, number of years licensed, etc.), we encourage you to periodically check your Mi Perfil account to determine your individual continuing education compliance requirements and status. You will also be able to find more approved CE courses after logging in to your Mi Perfil account versus the public search option, which limits the results to the first 100 course offerings.

5-Hour Update Course Requirement

Any licensee except for a title agent with a compliance cycle ending October 31, 2014 or later should be advised that they will be required to complete the mandatory 5-hour course requirement. The 5-hour course requirement was created with an amendment to section 626.2815, F.S., effective October 1, 2014.

Each licensee must complete a 5-hour course specific to their license type. When two or more licenses are held, the licensee must complete a 5-hour course specific to at least one license type held. Below you will find a list of available course authorities for the 5-hour course and how the requirement corresponds to each license type.


5-hour Course Authority

Corresponding License Type


Life, Health and Annuity
5-hour course

Life including variable annuity and health, or life and health agents.
(e.g. 2-15 or 2-18)


Life and Annuity
5-hour course

Life and/or annuity agents. (e.g. 2-14 or 2-16)


5-hour course

Health agents (e.g. 2-40)


General Lines
5-hour course

General lines or personal lines agents, customer representatives, or limited customer representatives, and industrial fire and burglary agents. (e.g. 2-20, 20-44, 4-40, 4-42, 2-33)


5-hour course

Adjusters, except public adjusters. (e.g. 6-20)


Public Adjuster
5-hour course

Public adjusters. (e.g. 3-20)


Bail Bond
5-hour course

Bail bond agents (e.g. 2-34)

The 5-hour courses are currently not being offered; however, the Department projects the availability of the 5-hour courses beginning around summer 2014.

Applicable compliance cycles are not yet reflecting the 5-hour course requirement. Licensees should make note that once the system has been updated all applicable compliance cycles will be updated to reflect the legal requirement.

Nonresident agents are not required to complete Florida's CE requirement if they complete their home state's CE requirement. Nonresident adjusters are not required to complete Florida's CE requirement if they complete the adjuster's CE requirement of a reciprocal state in which they are licensed as an adjuster. However, nonresident title insurance agents must complete Florida's CE requirement to be compliant in Florida.

For questions pertaining to CE requirements, please email Education@MyFloridaCFO.com.

Subject Matter Experts Needed

Have you ever heard someone comment about the questions on the State of Florida license exams? Ever wondered who comes up with them?

Every year the Department and our state exam vendor conduct a thorough review of every question on each of our license examinations. These questions are reviewed to make sure that they are accurate, test entry level knowledge, and are clear in how they read.

Along with having members from the Department and our exam vendor, we rely on the perspective from Florida licensed agents and adjusters. These licensees serve as subject matter experts who attend online and in-person meetings to review examination questions.

The payoff includes participating in the process that qualifies future licensed insurance agents and adjusters as well as additional hours credited to your transcript to help meet your continuing education requirement.*

If you would like more information on participating as a subject matter expert in our annual exam review workshop this summer, which will be held in downtown Orlando July 15-19, 2013, please send an email to Education@MyFloridaCFO.com and include in the subject line: Question about Exam Review Workshop. Participants are encouraged to attend the virtual sessions in June as well.

We hope to see you in Orlando this summer!

*Some expenses are reimbursable.