Titular de Insurance Insights
Volume 3, No. 4 - April 2014

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Continuation of Your License

The Department occasionally receives calls and emails from customers whose license or licenses have expired. Accordingly, we are including information as a reminder on this requirement.

A Florida insurance licencia authorizes the licensee to be appointed to transact insurance or adjust claims for the classes of insurance identified on the license. An appointment with an insurer or employer authorizes a licensee to transact insurance or adjust claims on behalf of the appointing entity. Without an appointment, a licensee cannot lawfully transact the business of insurance. Licensed insurance representatives should not assume that they are eligible to begin selling insurance, adjusting losses, etc., until they have been properly appointed. Both licensure and appointment(s) are required.

To preserve your current license status you must be appointed for each class of insurance listed on your license within 48 months after the date you were licensed. When the last appointment for a particular class or classes of insurance has terminated, you have 48 months in which to secure another appointment before eligibility in that class or classes of insurance expires. Failure to maintain at least one active appointment will result in the expiration of your license (after the 48-month period has elapsed). To obtain your license again, you will have to requalify as a first-time applicant.

Even though the function of submitting an appointment request with the Department rests with the insurance company or other appointing entity, licensees must assume responsibility for ensuring that their appointments are maintained.

Appointments and Insurance Transactions

A licensee may not transact insurance or adjust claims until he or she is appointed by an insurer, adjusting firm, general lines agent or the licensee (in the case of a self-appointed licensee), in accordance with the class(es) of licensure held. For instance, if an individual is licensed in the classes of life, including variable annuity and health, and wishes to market all three types of products, he or she must be appointed by either an insurance company authorized under its Certificate of Authority to transact all three of these lines of business or by separate companies for each line. For example, if Company ABC appoints an agent to sell only life insurance, then the agent will still be required to obtain an additional appointment(s) with an appropriate company(s) for the variable annuity and health portion of his or her license, if the agent intends to market these products.

Who can appoint licensees?

  1. Insurance companies appoint agents and insurance company employee adjusters.
  2. Licensed and appointed General Lines (Property & Casualty) insurance agents appoint customer representatives, crop hail and multiple-peril crop insurance agents.
  3. Adjusting firms appoint independent and public adjusters.
  4. Surplus lines agents, reinsurance intermediaries, professional bail bond agents, viatical settlement brokers, and self-employed independent or public adjusters are responsible for appointing themselves.

To verify your license and appointment status, you can log in to your Mi Perfil account or use our public licensee search.

Getting Out of the Insurance Business: Surrendering Your License

The editor of Insurance Insights occasionally receives emails from licensees who are no longer active in the insurance industry, and wish to cease receiving Insurance Insights and other communications from the Department. If you no longer transact insurance or adjust claims in the state of Florida, you should surrender your license to the Department. As long as you hold a license, the Department must continue to send you communications relating to your license. If you hold a license that requires continuing education, even if you are not using it, the Department can hold you responsible for completing the required continuing education hours.

You can surrender your license by sending a letter to the Bureau of Licensing stating that you wish to surrender. Please include the following:

  • Your name
  • Florida license ID number
  • Dirección postal
  • Número de teléfono
  • Su firma

You may email the letter to AgentLicensing@MyFloridaCFO.com. You may also fax it to (850) 413-3291.

As always, you may verify your license and appointment status by logging in to your Mi Perfil account or using our public licensee search. Tips on closing an insurance agency can also be found on our website at www.MyFloridaCFO.com/Division/Agents/Newsletter/Articles/AgencyClosing.htm.

Still Haven't Created Your MyProfile Account? It's Quick and Easy!

The Department communicates with its licensees, appointing entities, and education providers via email and their secure Mi Perfil account on our website. We continue to receive inquiries from some of our customers that they cannot access their Mi Perfil account. Typically, they received an email from the Department to go check their MyProfile account for details about their license, appointment, or continuing education requirement and can't log in when they try. They try different usernames and passwords but nothing works. It seems like the system is broken and not letting them in. The real problem: they never created an account.

You must create your MyProfile account(s) with a username and password before you can access your account. At the same time, you will also set up some security questions and answers so you can easily retrieve your username or password in the event you forget either in the future. You will also verify your contact information on file. We strongly encourage you to use your actual email address as that is how we will notify you of any important information to go check in your Mi Perfil account. After the new Mi Perfil account information has been entered, the system automatically transfers your information on file into your new account.

An interactive tutorial to assist you with creating an account and retrieving a forgotten username or password is located at http://www.MyFloridaCFO.com/Division/Agents/Licensure/myProfileHelp/MyProfile.htm.