Titular de Insurance Insights
Volume 4, No.12 - December 2015

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Restrictions on Agency Names

When choosing a name for your insurance agency, please note that the Department may disapprove the use of any true or fictitious name, other than the bona fide name of an individual, if it violates certain guidelines. The name cannot:

◦mislead the public in any respect,
◦interfere with or be too similar to another name already being used by another agency or insurance company,
◦state or imply the agency is an insurer, motor club, hospital service plan, state or federal agency, charitable organization, or entity that primarily provides advice and counsel rather than selling or soliciting insurance, or is entitled to engage in insurance activities not permitted under the license you hold or have applied for.

The provisions above do not prohibit you from using the word “state” or “states” in the name of your agency as those terms do not, in and of themselves, imply that the agency is a state agency. Please see s. 626.602, E.F.

Agent in Charge - Requirements, Changes and Responsibilities

Each person operating an insurance agency and each location of a multiple location agency must designate a licensed and appointed agent in charge for each location.

An agent in charge (AIC) is defined as the licensed and appointed agent responsible for the supervision of all individuals within an insurance agency.


Each business location established by an agent or insurance agency must be in the active full-time charge of a licensed and appointed agent holding the required licenses for the lines of insurance transacted at the location. The AIC of an insurance agency may be the AIC of additional branch locations if: (1) insurance activities requiring licensure as an insurance agent do not occur at the location(s) when either the AIC or an appropriately licensed agent is not physically present and (2) unlicensed employees at the location(s) do not engage in insurance activities that require licensure as an insurance agent or customer representative.

Each insurance agency and branch office is required to designate an AIC and to file the agent’s name, license number, and physical address of the insurance agency location with DFS at the DFS website. Adding and removing an AIC can be done by going to www.MyFloridaCFO.com/Division/Agents and logging in to the agency's account in Mi Perfil.


A change of the designated AIC must be reported to DFS within 30 days, and becomes effective upon notification to DFS. An insurance agency location is precluded from conducting the business of insurance unless an AIC is designated by, and providing services to, the agency at all times. When the agent in charge ends her/his affiliation with the agency, the agency must designate another AIC within 30 days. If the agency fails to make such designation within 90 days after the designated agent has ended their affiliation with the agency, the agency license will automatically expire.


The AIC of an insurance agency is accountable for misconduct or violations committed by the licensee or agent or by any person under her or his supervision acting on behalf of the agency. However, the AIC is not criminally liable for the misconduct unless she or he personally committed the act or knew or should have known of the acts and of the facts that constitute the violation.

For complete information on the duties and responsibilities of the AIC, see s. 626.0428, E.F.

Sale of a Licensed Agency

Si vende su agencia de seguros, puede tramitar la transferencia del nombre del negocio, los activos, los pasivos, el edificio y los equipos al nuevo propietario como parte de la venta. Sin embargo, no puede transferir su licencia ni su nombramiento. Una licencia o un nombramiento emitido de conformidad con el Código de Seguros de la Florida es válido únicamente para la persona o la entidad a la cual corresponde y no se puede transferir a otra persona. Consulte la  s. 626.441, E.F.

Accepting Referral Fees from Property Inspectors or Inspection Companies is Prohibited

An insurance agent, insurance agency, customer representative, or insurance agency employee is prohibited from directly or indirectly accepting any compensation, inducement, or reward from an inspector for the referral of the owner of the inspected property to the inspector or inspection company. This prohibition applies to an inspection intended for submission to an insurer in order to obtain property insurance coverage or establish the applicable property insurance premium. [See s.626.621(15), F.S.]

The Florida Statutes Are Available Online

The Florida Statutes can be viewed at Online Sunshine - Title XXXVII Insurance.