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Volume 4, No. 3 - March 2015

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Hombre del Norte de la Florida Arrestado por Fraude de Seguros Después de Fingir su Muerte

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced the recent arrest of Jose Lantigua and his wife Daphne Simpson of Fleming Island on seven counts of insurance fraud after it was discovered that Lantigua allegedly faked his own death in order to cash in on $9 million in life insurance policies he purchased.
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Dos Residentes de Fort Lauderdale Arrestados por Fraude PIP al Falsificar Accidente

The Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud announced the arrests of Fort Lauderdale residents Kendrick Callins and Lashaunda Gibbs for staging an auto accident, patient brokering and personal injury protection (PIP) insurance fraud.
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Agente de Títulos Arrestado por Robar Más de $705.000

The Florida Department of Financial Services announced the recent arrest of former title agent Lana Dargai of Estero for stealing more than $705,000 in client funds intended for real estate transactions. As a result of her fraudulent actions, the underwriter for the funds was forced to cover the losses.
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Residente de Panama City Se Declara Nolo Contendere por Robo y Desempeñarse como Agente de Fianzas

The Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud announced Chris Smith of Panama City pled no contest to three charges of acting as a bail bond agent without a license and one charge of burglary. He has been sentenced to 30 months in a state prison, which will be served concurrently with a previous sentence of 60 months for witness tampering in a related case led by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. He has also been ordered to pay investigative costs.
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El Oficial Principal de Finanzas se Enfocó en Apoyar a la Fuerza Laboral de la Florida, Reestructurar el Gobierno y Combatir el Fraude Durante la Sesión Legislativa 2015

Durante la Sesión Legislativa 2015, el Oficial Principal de Finanzas Jeff Atwater se enfocó en apoyar a la fuerza laboral de la Florida, reestructurar el gobierno y combatir el fraude. Sus prioridades legislativas incluyen ayudar a los profesionales del área de los seguros a encontrar empleo luego de terminar sus estudios y expandir el programa de propiedad no reclamada del estado.
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Hombre del Condado Alachua Arrestado por Hurto Mayor y Actividad como Agente de Fianzas sin Licencia

The Florida Department of Financial Services announced the arrest of 33-year-old Tyrone Johnson for grand theft of a vehicle and unlicensed bail bonds activity. An investigation by the Department‘s Division of Insurance Fraud found that Johnson was acting as a bail bond agent despite having his license revoked following an arrest for aggravated assault in 2011. Johnson is also accused of illegally confiscating the vehicle of a client that was used for collateral.
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