Titular de Insurance Insights
Volume 5, No. 4 - April 2016

Central de Educación

- Lo que debe saber acerca de su educación continua

How to Verify We Received Your CE Hours Online

Congratulations! You took the major step of pausing from your everyday business to make sure you can stay in business, you took a required CE course. Now you go online to view your CE records in your Mi Perfil account and don't see the posting of credits from the course you just took. What do you do now?

It can be very nerve-racking when your CE records in your MyProfile account do not match your actual completed courses, especially if you waited to complete them right before your compliance due date. Here are some bits of information to remember when verifying your online CE records.

  1. Education providers, by statute, have up to 21 days to report the successful completion of CE hours. Seminar courses usually take the longest to be reported.
  2. If the allowed time has passed since you successfully completed your course, call the education provider and ask them to update your record.
  3. Do not mail or fax in your certificate of completion unless it has been specifically requested by the Department. The Department works with the providers to get credit reported through our online system.
  4. Be sure to review your transcript online via your Mi Perfil account for a complete list of all reported credits.
  5. Be sure to review prior compliance cycles when trying to verify the allocation of your completed hours.
  6. Any hours eligible for carry over to the next compliance cycle will take 45 days after the end of your current compliance period to post.
  7. If you are having difficulties communicating with your CE provider, please call our main help line at 1-877-693-5236.

Education Providers: Stay Out of the Penalty Box

If you are an approved provider, the Department issued you a "jersey number" also known as your approved provider ID number. However, do you know the rules that you should follow to stay in the game and out of the penalty box?

Since the Department must maintain the standard of approving fit and trustworthy providers you may find yourself sidelined by not following the requirements of the Florida Administrative Code. Recently we've had to make some calls due to violations of the rules. Below are some of the areas:

  • Late course offering submittal.
    • The deadline for course offering submittals is 30 days prior to the first day of the class or seminar and no more than one year in advance for CE courses and 5 days prior for PL courses.
  • Advertising a course as approved or soliciting attendance for any course that has not yet been approved.
  • Instruction of a class by an unapproved instructor.
  • Failure to maintain course completion and attendance records for five years following the completion date of each course offering.
  • Falsification of any document, form, outline or information in connection with any course.
  • Late roster submittal.
    • The deadline for roster submittals is 21 days after the course completion date.

Are you playing by the rules?

These are only a few. For more details read the continuing education rule found in chapter 69B-228, F.A.C., and the pre-licensing rule found in chapter 69B-227, F.A.C.

You play a critical part in educating our licensees on the ethical and legal requirements of their licenses. Setting a good example of compliance will keep you in the game and out of the penalty box.

Any questions regarding this may be sent to Education@MyFloridaCFO.com.

Are You Compliant with Your CE or Not?

To be CE compliant requires more than just taking CE courses. Below are a few suggestions for remaining CE compliant:

  • CE requirements change. You should regularly review your CE status through your Mi Perfil account. Your total hours have specific allocation requirements that must be met. Be sure to take all the right categories of CE courses.
  • Check for late hours. Hours taken after your due date will still post on your compliance evaluation screen, but they will be noted as "Late". Though your hours requirement may have been met, late completion of your continuing education requirement will result in penalties.
  • Check prior evaluation periods. Always check previous compliance periods to make sure you are not delinquent for a prior period. Be sure to click on VIEW ENFORCEMENT NOTICE just below the Not Compliant text to check for any outstanding fines.
  • Check your transcript. The same course cannot be taken with the same provider within a three-year period and receive credit. This is noted on your transcript as a duplicate course. You will need to take a different course to meet your CE requirement.

We wish you success in completing your hours to remain knowledgeable in an ever-changing insurance market. And remember, your CE compliance date is your DUE date, not your DO de la agencia.

Because many factors may affect your continuing education requirement (e.g. licenses held, number of years licensed, etc.), we encourage you to periodically check your Mi Perfil account to determine your individual continuing education compliance requirements and status. You will also be able to find more approved CE courses after logging in to your Mi Perfil account versus the public search option, which limits the results to the first 100 course offerings.