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  Vol. 7 No. 5 September 2018

In The Know

CMS - Plan Year 2019 Marketplace Training and
Registration Information for Agents

Plan Year 2019 Registration and Training for New Agents and Brokers

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has published a Computer-based training (CBT) titled "Plan Year 2019 Health Insurance Marketplace Registration and Training for New Agents and Brokers." This CBT can be found aquí on REGTAP. The associated transcript is located aquí on REGTAP.

Public Adjusters: Declaration of Emergency

The Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services, Bureau of Investigation reminds public adjuster licensees of important laws related to adjusting claims during a state of emergency declared by the Governor:

Sección 626.854, Florida Statutes, gives specific direction regarding fees and the insured's right to cancel a public adjusting contract. Subsection (7) provides that during any state of emergency as declared by the Governor and for one year after the date of loss, the insured or claimant has five business days after the date on which the contract is executed to cancel a contract for public adjusting services.

Subparagraph (10)(b)1 states a public adjuster may not charge, agree to, or accept any compensation, payment, commission, fee, or anything of value in excess of ten percent of the amount of insurance claim payments made by the insurer for claims based on events that are the subject of a declaration of a state of emergency by the Governor. This provision also applies to claims made during the year after the declaration of emergency.

Sección 626.8796, Florida Statutes, provides additional information regarding public adjusting contracts:

Subsection (2) states in part: "An unaltered copy of the executed contract must be remitted to the insurer within 30 days after execution."

Note: The requirement to provide the insurer with an unaltered copy of the contract is also a requirement for non-emergency claims.

Florida Surplus Lines Service Office - Diligent Effort/Disclosure Matrix

FSLSOIf you are placing Excess and Surplus Lines business it can be confusing when determining whether a Diligent Effort needs to be conducted or a Disclosure Form must be presented to the Insured. The Florida Surplus Lines Service Office (FSLSO) has developed a matrix to help you determine which is required to remain in compliance. You can access the Diligent Effort/Disclosure matrix aquí.

New Medicare Card Mailing Update

The U.S. Government site for Medicare, Medicare.gov, is continually updating the new card mailing status map. Florida member cards are currently being mailed.

When discussing the new cards with consumers, be sure to remind them the new cards have created a plethora of scams. Medicare will never call a citizen and ask them to provide personal or private information to get their new Medicare Number and card. As a licensee, you may have opportunities to spread this warning and prevent consumers from falling victim to scams. NewMedCards

Are You Puzzled??

1. Free is often a code word for _____

4. Providers are required to provide the Department with the ____ for webinar courses.

5. Citizens new policy requires _____ to register their efforts on behalf of their clients.

7. Number of days an insured of claimant has after executing a contract for Public Adjusting Services to cancel the contract.

9. Electric car batteries can _____ in the aftermath of a crash.

10. Licensees are required to report administrative actions to the Department within ____ days of the final disposition.

2. _____ education is an essential element of practicing insurance.

3. Florida's GDP topped $1 _____ in July.

6. FLSO created a _____ to help agents determine if Diligent Effort must be conducted or a Disclosure form must be used.

8. _____ are twice as likely to be targeted for scams

Ingrese en Central de Educación for puzzle answer key.


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