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  Vol. 9, No. 4 - December 2020

In The Know

Important Information Regarding COVID-19 and Business Operations - Licensing

Due to the response to COVID-19, Pearson VUE testing locations continue operating at a limited seating capacity. However, on May 20, 2020, many third party testing locations in Florida began offering our exams, which made additional testing times available throughout the state. To search for test centers and register for exams, please visit https://home.pearsonvue.com/fl/insurance.

There continues to be over 40 LiveScan fingerprinting locations open in Florida. To search fingerprint locations and register for fingerprinting services, please visit www.L1enrollment.com/FLInsurance.

Pursuant to the provisions of CFO Directive 2020-07, which established a temporary licensing process to address the lack of examination availability due to COVID-19, Florida ceased accepting applications for temporary licenses as of the close of business November 10, 2020. Questions may be addressed to AgentLicensing@MyFloridaCFO.com.

Temporary licenses previously issued were:

Temporary Life and Variable Annuity Contracts (T2-14)
Temporary Health (T2-40)
Temporary Personal Lines (T20-44)

Permanent licenses still remain available for these license types by passing the state exam or qualifying for an exemption (e.g., transfer, certain designations, college degree and required college courses, etc). Review the individual qualification page for the applicable license type to review all the ways to qualify.

In order to continue operating efficiently, we strongly encourage individuals to utilize our Upload Documents feature through their Mi Perfil account to submit application deficiency documents, instead of emailing them to us. If the option to upload documents isn't available in someone's account, it will appear within three hours after submitting a new license application in our system. (Note: If an application is submitted through the NIPR, the option will appear once the application reaches our system, typically the day after the application is submitted to the NIPR.)

Registration of Bail Bond Agents - "Odd Year" Requirement

Estatutos de la Florida la Sección 648.42, F.S. states:

"A bail bond agent may not become a surety on an undertaking unless he or she has registered in the office of the sheriff and with the clerk of the circuit court in the county in which the bail bond agent resides. The bail bond agent may register in a like manner in any other county, and any bail bond agent shall file a certified copy of his or her appointment by power of attorney from each insurer which he or she represents as a bail bond agent with each of such officers. Registration and filing of a certified copy of renewed power of attorney shall be performed by April 1 of each odd-numbered year. The clerk of the circuit court and the sheriff shall not permit the registration of a bail bond agent unless such bail bond agent is currently licensed and appointed by the department. Nothing in this section shall prevent the registration of a temporary licensee at the jail for the purposes of enabling the licensee to perform the duties under such license as set forth in this chapter."

Please be sure to provide a copy of your certified and renewed power of attorney to each county you plan to work in for the next two years by April 2, 2021. Do not submit copies of power of attorney documents to the Department.

This law also applies any time a bail bond agent or agency plans to conduct bail bond activities in a new county. If you have questions, please contact BailBond@MyFloridaCFO.com.

COVID-19 Extension for Customer Representatives Expires January 2, 2021

Governor Ron DeSantis issued Orden del Poder Ejecutivo 20-213 to extend Executive Order 20-52, which declared a public health emergency in Florida. As a result of this extension, the Directive of CFO Jimmy Patronis that allows 4-40 licensees to work remotely also has been extended until the expiration of the Governor's Order.

Unless the Order is extended, the guideline expires after January 2, 2021 and customer representatives may no longer work from locations other than the agency they are employed by.

We recommend all affected agencies, agents in charge, supervising general lines agents and customer representatives continue to monitor future developments on this topic under "Industry Alerts" on the Division's sitio Web to maintain compliance.

Verify before you sellAgents should always verify the companies they sell for are authorized to do business in Florida. If you suspect an entity is not authorized to transact insurance in Florida, please notify our office. Call 877-MY-FL-CFO (1-877-693-5236).

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