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Inicio del Departamento | Inicio de Agentes y Agencias | Inicio de Insurance Insights

  Vol. 7 No. 2, March 2019

Estimados Compañeros Floridanos:

Florida’s Legislative Session officially kicked off on March 5, and we have hit the ground running! Nearly 1900 bills have been filed--many of which may be of particular interest to those licensed by the Division of Insurance Agent & Agency Services. For example, Senate Bill 538 and House Bill 387 concern policy fees charged by surplus lines agents. Senate Bills 896 y 1052 and House Bill 733 concern minimum coverage requirements for motor vehicle liability policies and changes to the Florida No Fault Law. Senate Bill 122 proposes revising attorney fee provisions under insurance policies and contracts as they relate to assignment of benefits contracts.

As your CFO, I am committed to keeping our licensees informed of changes that impact the insurance industry. If and when a bill affecting agents, agencies or adjusters becomes law, my office will ensure that licensees are made aware.

You can read more about all bills submitted to the Senate and House aquí. The Senate’s website includes a "Track Bill" feature which you can use to receive updates on any bills you are interested in.



Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida
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