Sello de Jimmy Patronis, CFO

**CONSUMER ALERT** CFO Jimmy Patronis: Tips to Avoid Fraud & Scams on Amazon Prime Day

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis warns Floridians who are shopping online during Amazon Prime Day to beware of online scams and learn ways to protect themselves from fraud. Prime Day is a two-day online sales event starting Today, Tuesday, July 12 that provides Amazon customers various discounts on a variety of products. To protect consumers while they shop online, CFO Patronis encourages consumers to follow tips from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for safe online shopping.
CFO Jimmy Patronis said, “Amazon Prime Day is here and it’s imperative that Florida consumers stay on guard for fraud and scams while shopping for good deals online. Experts say that Amazon sold $11.2 billion worth of goods last year alone during Prime Day and there is no doubt that fraudsters will attempt to take advantage of this massive worldwide two-day sales event. During Prime Day, many other online retailers will also be providing discounts and consumers must stay on guard for fraudulent activity at all times. Always remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. By following a few important online shopping tips you can avoid falling victim to fraud during Prime Day.”
BBB provides consejos to avoid online shopping scams this Prime Day:

• Beware of fake lookalike websites. Check the URL, watch for bad grammar, research the age of the domain, search for contact information, and read online reviews.

• Professional photos do not mean it’s a real offer. Scammers often steal photos off other websites, so don’t believe what you see. 

• Make sure the website is secure. Look for the “HTTPS” in the URL (the extra “s” is for “secure”) and a small lock icon on the address bar. Never enter payment or personal information into a website with only “HTTP.” It is NOT secure.

• Be careful purchasing sought-after products. If something is sold out everywhere, don’t be tempted by a seemingly great deal. Scammers often trick shoppers by offering the most popular products at low prices. Here’s one example involving game consoles.

• Pay with a credit card. It’s always best to make online purchases with your credit card. If any shady charges turn up later, you will be able to contest them through your credit card company. Be very wary of any retailer that asks you to pay by digital wallet apps, prepaid money cards, or other non-traditional payment methods.

• After you buy, stay alert for scams. Scammers spoof various phone numbers and pretend to be Amazon support. Read how phony Amazon callers are phishing for your info.