Sello de Jimmy Patronis, CFO

CFO & State Fire Marshal Patronis Awards $112K in Decontamination Equipment to Central Florida Firefighters

OCOEE, Fla. – Today, Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis awarded over $112,000 in cancer decontamination equipment grant funding to thirteen fire departments in the Central Florida area. The Cancer Decontamination Grant Program within the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) helps to protect the health and safety of firefighters by providing financial aid to mitigate exposure to hazardous, cancer-causing chemicals.
CFO and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis said, “Cancer is a real threat to our firefighters and we’ve made providing fire departments with life-saving resources to decontaminate equipment of cancer causing carcinogens a major priority. That’s why we’re investing over $112,000 in grant funding to thirteen different fire departments within the Central Florida region. These brave men and women protect Floridians everyday no matter the cost. Between digging through the rubble of Surfside in South Florida to suppressing wildfires in the panhandle, our firefighters are always ready to run toward imminent danger to save the lives of others. As a result of their dangerous profession, firefighters are also more likely to contract cancer than you and me. Our firefighters dedicate their lives to protecting our communities and we must do everything we can to support these heroes. Today, we sent a clear message that Florida stands with our firefighters.”
In total, the Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant Program will award nearly $500,000 to fire departments statewide. The grant funding can be used for anything as small as hoods and gloves, to self-contained breathing apparatus’s, extractors and vehicle exhaust systems.
Central Florida Area Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant Program Awards:
• Marion County Fire Rescue $17,248.50
• Ocala Fire Rescue $14,226.38
• City of Minneola Fire Rescue $38,143.50
• Ocoee Fire Department $8,093.25
• Town of Ponce Inlet $6,375
• Seminole County Fire Department $6,216
• Edgewater Fire Rescue $5,624.96
• Leesburg Fire Department $5,285.25
• Lake County Fire Rescue $3,319.32
• Daytona Beach Fire Department $3,148.34
• Orange City Fire Department $2,061.90
• Indialantic Fire Rescue $1,994.63
• South Daytona $842.94
Representative Fred Hawkins said, “My thanks to State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis for his unwavering support of Florida’s firefighters and ensure they have the resources and funding they need to keep themselves and others safe. This grant program is a great tool in the tool belt to aid in that effort.”
Representative David Smith said, “These selfless heroes inspire our communities with their bravery and deserve as much praise as we can give them. Thank you, CFO Patronis, for supporting our area fire stations and standing with them when they most need support.”
Bernie Bernoska, Florida Professional Firefighters President said, “FPF was proud to work with CFO Patronis to not only create this life-saving program, but expand it. Our firefighters put their own lives on the line every day to save others. I am proud to stand with CFO Patronis as we work to protect and provide these much-needed protections for firefighters around the state.
Chief Chuck Bogle, Florida Fire Chief’s Association East Central Regional Director said, “Cancer is a real threat to the health and safety of our firefighters – and we were proud to work with the CFO’s office in creating this program. We can’t thank the CFO or Legislature enough for funding to protect our men and women who put their lives on the line today to save others.”
Fire Chief Matt Kinley, Seminole County Fire Department said, “Thank you to CFO Patronis for making the health and safety of Florida’s firefighters a top priority. Cancer is a devastating disease for not only our heroes, but their families as well. This grant funding is a big step to ensuring Florida’s firefighters have the resources they need to better protect themselves from hazardous and cancer-causing materials.”
Chief Tom Smothers, Ocoee Fire Department said, “From the fires in the panhandle to the towers in surfside, Florida’s firefighters have gone above and beyond the call of duty. This grant is a well-deserved show of appreciation for all those heroes who heeded the call and rushed into danger without hesitation. Thank you to CFO Patronis for his unwavering support of our fire service community. These grants will not only go towards helping those currently suffering, but those that may suffer in the future.”