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As a graduate of Florida State University and a life-long sports fan, I was proud to send a letter this week to Florida university presidents statewide encouraging full participation in college fall sports this year. This comes as the Pac-12 and BIG Ten conferences have postponed their football seasons and more athletic conferences may soon decide to follow suit. These athletes have worked their entire lives to compete and we owe it to them to work together and fight for their chance to play. This is another reason why I’m pursuing vital liability protections next legislative session to protect businesses and non-profits from unscrupulous legal firms who see the coronavirus as a business opportunity.

CFO Patronis Signing Directive 2020-14

This week, I also signed signed Directive 2020-14, which bans the use of TikTok on the Department of Financial Services (DFS) devices and within DFS facilities. This directive comes after reports that TikTok, which is headquartered in Beijing, China, has direct ties to the Communist Party of China and captures vast swaths of information from its users including Internet and other network activity information such as location data, browsing and search history. TikTok’s own privacy policy states that the video-sharing application records keystroke patterns entered on devices that have downloaded the app.

My top priority as your CFO is to protect our state from fraud and scams, including all major cybersecurity threats. As we’ve seen with the recent unprecedented Twitter hacks, we must take bold action now to protect our data and our devices from these very real security risks.

I was also recently honored to participate in SAE Tomorrow Today, a podcast from SAE International, that highlighted my efforts to attract businesses large and small to the Sunshine State. I was glad to share my thoughts on the great benefits Florida has to offer to innovators and the tech industry including low state taxes, robust infrastructure, a highly educated workforce, and of course, a great quality of life! Give it a listen aquí.

Finally, as we approach the peak of hurricane season in mid-August, I continue to stress the importance of storm preparedness. Tropical Storm Josephine is lingering in the Atlantic right now and, while the current forecast does not seem likely to threaten Florida, it’s another reminder that we must stay vigilant and be ready for the next storm that takes aim at our state. Visit my website PrepareFL.com for important storm resources.


Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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