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This week, I spoke at the Enterprise Florida September Virtual Board Meeting where I emphasized the need for COVID-19 liability protections for businesses and highlighted my recently released guiding principles.

Florida leaders representing small businesses, health care, retail and other various industries across the state also weighed in on these principles this week and applauded our efforts which are aimed at helping lawmakers as they craft legislation for the upcoming legislative session.

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As we work to get Florida’s economy up and running, COVID liability protections are vital to giving businesses the extra confidence to move forward without the fear of being punished. We have been strongly advocating for these protections in the upcoming legislative session, so we don’t have a crazy ‘sue and settle’ type of environment. By providing businesses this kind of peace of mind, we will then encourage businesses to advocate and spend money in ways to jumpstart our economy.


Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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