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With Daylight Saving Time ending at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 1, I am encouraging everyone to check their smoke alarms as they adjust their clocks. The end of Daylight Saving Time is also a great time to review your emergency plans with your family to ensure your loved ones are prepared in the event of a house fire or other emergency. Remember to check with senior family members and neighbors as well to ensure their alarms are in working order.

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Additionally, this week I shared important fire safety tips to protect Floridians from accidents this Halloween. Displaying decorations away from open flames and buying safe costumes are some of the important precautions you can take to prevent potential mishaps.

Halloween Fire Safety Tips

  1. Consider alternatives to open flames. In order to help decrease the risk of fire, use battery-operated candles or glow sticks inside your jack-o-lanterns.
  2. Buy safe costumes. When purchasing costumes, wigs and accessories make sure they are fire-resistant.
  3. Ensure working smoke alarms. Before any Halloween event, check every smoke alarm and fire extinguisher to make sure they are in working order.
  4. Don’t let decorations ruin the day. Keep all decoration and candy wrappers away from open flames and other heat sources like heaters and light bulbs and be sure exits are clear of decorations in case of emergency.

Stay safe and have a fun Halloween weekend!


Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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