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El search and rescue mission in Surfside is the largest non-hurricane deployment of task force resources in the history of the state of Florida. These brave men and women leave their families to give all they have to save lives. They come off the site for about forty-five minutes and check their pulse and their oxygen levels and then go back to work because that is what they do. I couldn’t be prouder of these heroes who have come from all corners of the state and internationally to provide lifesaving support. We must continue to pray for our first responders as they work around the clock to save the lives at risk because of this terrible tragedy.

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Additionally, we are closely monitoring Elsa as it just strengthened into a hurricane this morning. I’m urging all Floridians to monitor weather reports and prepare now. This storm has the potential to impact portions of the Florida Peninsula early next week, bringing storm surge, wind and rainfall. As we’ve seen in the past, storms can change course and strengthen quickly, leaving little to no time to prepare so now is the time to ensure your disaster plan is in place. Floridians must monitor the latest weather reports and visit PrepareFL.com now for important disaster preparedness resources to ensure you can recover quickly. Don’t wait until landfall is imminent, it may be too late.


Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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