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I recently wrote a carta to the President of In-N-Out Burger when I heard news that the state of California shut down the iconic burger chain after they refused to act as vaccine police. I grew up in a family-owned restaurant and I know how hard it is to be successful on a good day, let alone when your government is working to crush your business with absurd mandates. As Florida’s CFO, I have been consistent – I’m pro-vaccine by anti-mandate. I’m extremely impressed by In-N-Out’s courage to oppose this government overreach and I hope this story inspires other business owners across the country to do the same.

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In Florida, we love our business owners, entrepreneurs and job creators and I can assure you this would NEVER happen here. Florida is free. We’re against mandates and I have no doubt that In-N-Out would succeed here. My message to In-N-Out Burger is “Florida is for Winners” and I’d be happy to show you how you can win here in the Sunshine State.

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