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This week, I issued a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland following recent reports that the Biden Administration is proposing to pay $450,000 to each illegal immigrant that was separated from family members at the boarder under the Trump Administration. This proposal could equate to a payment of $1 million per family. If implemented, the Biden Administration will pay more money to illegal immigrants than was paid out to certain 9/11 victims’ families and Gold Star families. If it’s the Department of Justice’s intent to use dollars from Florida to both subsidize and incentivize illegal immigration to the United States, then I'm demanding the federal government return those dollars back to Floridians. Yes, I'm serious, I want the money back.

Read CFO Patronis letter to Dept. of Justice

On Tuesday, I warned consumers about a recent report that Tripadvisor removed or rejected nearly 1 million fake reviews from its website last year. User-generated online reviews have become essential sources of information for potential consumers before making a purchase. These fake reviews can harm businesses and mislead consumers, opening the door for fraud and scams. Always remember to do your research and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Lastly, this week, I anunció more than $38 million in unclaimed property was returned to Floridians during the month of October 2021. With the holidays quickly approaching, there is no better time to check to see if you or a loved one has funds waiting to be claimed. There’s an estimated one in five chance that you or a family member has money just waiting to be claimed, free-of-charge. It only takes a few minutes to search for unclaimed property and I encourage individuals and business owners to search today at FLTreasureHunt.gov.

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Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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