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On Tuesday, I issued my 2022 “Born Free” legislative priorities. Florida’s strength is based on a love of freedom. We’ve got over 800 people a day flocking to our state because we have worked hard in Tallahassee to protect freedoms; not squash them. We’ve got blue lock-down states working hard to crush their economies, undermine law enforcement and fire firefighters over not taking the jab, while allowing big corporate businesses – with zero loyalty to our country – to treat Americans with complete indifference.

We’ve also got an Administration on the federal level unlawfully using rules to try and turn the Sunshine State into a California or New York. We’re not having ANY of it. If you’re from Florida, or you’ve just arrived, as far as I’m concerned you were Born Free. It’s a blessing from our Creator, it’s something we cannot take for granted, and it’s something we’ll fight to protect in the 2022 Legislative Session.

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On Monday, in recognition of January as Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month, I issued a proclamation recognizing Florida’s more than 45,000 firefighters and the increased risk of cancer they face while protecting communities throughout the state. As State Fire Marshal, I am committed to ensuring that these heroes have the resources and tools to do the job and the peace of mind that they will be cared for once the safety gear comes off. We must continue to raise awareness in this fight and make sure our firefighters know they will always have our support.

This week, I also partnered with the Florida Trucking Association to raise awareness regarding the use of moving broker scams and movers. Somewhere over 800 people a day are moving to the Sunshine State, which means they often have to move an entire life’s worth of possessions. As with any scam, the best offense is a good defense, which is why knowing the warning signs of a moving scam can prevent your family from becoming a scammer’s next victim.

Lastly, I came up in the restaurant industry. I know how tight margins can be and how hard it is to hire and retain employees. The Biden vaccine mandate hurt small businesses and I’m glad the Supreme Court dealt him a big loss yesterday. It’s a win for our state, country and FREEDOM!


Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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