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Service of Process now has "Online Services"! Please call our office for details (850)413-4200 or (850)413-4203.

This reporting tool will generate a list of only those documents that have been served to insurers during a specific timeframe. Other documents may have been received in our offices, but this reporting tool will not generate a list that includes these other documents. The documents represented in the reports may include subpoenas and/or other legal documents. The reports generated may not necessarily represent a complete or exclusive list of all summons or cases filed or served to the insurers. Click on the report that you would like to run below. Select the specific criteria for the report, click SUBMIT (at the bottom of the page) and the report will open in a new window with the ability to navigate through each page of the report and the ability to export the report into rtf, excel, xml, or pdf format. It may be necessary to turn off your pop up blocker to view the report results.

Number of Suits Served Report

This is a simple report of the number of documents served during a specific timeframe. Specify the date range and click Submit. The report may be sorted numerically by the number of documents served or alphabetically by the insurer’s names.
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Informe Detallado

This tool can generate a report of cases or documents served by the Department of Financial Services to insurers as their statutory registered agent. The report will provide columns containing the date received and date served by the Department, the case number, Plaintiff name, Defendant name, the county and court in which the cases were filed and the attorney/or plaintiff’s representative name. You may choose to generate a broad report of all cases served during a specific date range or limit the search results by using the following tips.

We mail the Notice of Service to the attorney on the day following service and only provide an electronic notice of service if it has been 2 weeks since the service date and the Notice of Service is therefore considered lost in the mail. Attorneys, please allow 7-10 days from the service date for your Notice of Service to arrive via US Mail.

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