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El Jefe de Bomberos del Estado Recuerda a Residentes Planificar para el Invierno


TALLAHASSEE - As temperatures drop, Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Tom Gallagher is urging Floridians to check and clean heaters and chimneys and put a fresh battery in the smoke detector.

"More home fires occur in the fall and winter than at any other time of the year," Gallagher said. "Take the time this year to eliminate the fire hazards in your home. Doing so could save your life and the lives of your loved ones."

Investigators with the State Fire Marshal's Office already have seen several cold-weather related fires, including one caused by a gas leak in a propane gas heater and another when dust in an air conditioner handler ignited when the heater was turned on for the first time this year.

Other cold-weather fire risks include portable heaters too close to combustible items, dirty chimneys, overloaded and improperly placed extension cords, and candles. Here are important safety tips to keep in mind:

Mantenga los calefactores portátiles y otras fuentes de calor a por lo menos tres pies de distancia de los muebles, paredes, cortinas.

Limpie las chimeneas regularmente, incluso si no se usan con frecuencia. Besides soot, birds and squirrels may leave behind unexpected items - such as a nest. No queme otra cosa en el hogar que no sea leña.

Check extension cords for wear. Do not place cords under a rug or in a high-traffic area where it could be flattened or damaged.

Colocar las velas encendidas en un recipiente sólido y mantenerlas alejadas del alcance de niños y mascotas.

Tenga a mano un extintor de incendios que funcione.

Make sure your smoke detector is working and has a fresh battery.

Review your family's fire escape plan.

For more fire safety tips, visit and follow the prompts for the State Fire Marshal's Office.