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Se le Ordenó a un Hombre de Kissimmee que Deje de Vender Seguros sin Licencia


KISSIMMEE-The Florida Department of Insurance has ordered Roy Gutierrez, of State No-Fault Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, to stop selling insurance without a valid insurance agent license and for allegedly charging at least two consumers for unwanted coverages.

In a complaint issued by the department this month, investigators with the Bureau of Agent and Agency Investigations allege that on two separate occasions, Gutierrez "slid" added and unnecessary insurance coverage on top of basic automobile coverage to consumers without their consent. Under Florida law, "sliding" constitutes an unfair or deceptive business practice.

Unlicensed agents may lack the knowledge and expertise necessary to advise consumers on insurance coverage. In addition, insurers may not honor policies sold by an unlicensed agent.

Consumers can call the department's toll-free consumer helpline at 1-800-342-2762 to check whether their agent is licensed.