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Statement by Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher regarding Passover


Tami Torres o Bob Lotane
(850) 413-2842

"Tomorrow night at sundown, Florida Jews celebrate the first night of Passover – a commemoration of their ancient ancestor's exodus from Egypt, and their liberation from slavery. While Passover is a celebration unique to the Jewish people, it reinforces many of the same values that all Floridians embrace.

"Passover is a time for faith, family and fellowship that preaches pride in one's heritage, an appreciation for liberty, and the power of optimism and hope in forging a better tomorrow. During a recent trip to Israel, I witnessed the daily practice of these values firsthand, as well as the bonds of perseverance and freedom that Israel shares with America. Here in Florida, as with other cultural observations celebrated throughout our state, Passover is an opportunity for all Floridians to reflect on the diversity of our people, and the common values that unite us above our differences.

"Laura and I extend our warmest wishes to Florida's Jewish Community, and hope that the celebration of freedom and the timeless values of renewal and joy celebrated this holy Passover season will bring comfort to our entire state."