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Statement from the CFO’s Office on Allegations of Wrongdoing


Statement from the CFO’s Office on Allegations of Wrongdoing

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Chief Financial Officer’s Office issued the following statement today on Ron Rubin’s allegations of wrongdoing:
“Last week FDLE advised our office that Ron Rubin’s allegations of wrongdoing were being sent from FDLE to the State Attorney’s Office with no recommendation because FDLE was conflicted out from looking into a Cabinet Office. We then reached out to the State Attorney’s Office to offer any assistance they may need. Our view remains that these complaints are the last desperate grasps of a man who was fired by Governor DeSantis and Attorney General Moody along with CFO Patronis after multiple complaints of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.”

“Additionally, our Office has drafted the below language to protect victims of sexual harassment from their accusers and the firms they hire to intimidate them. We continue to work with members of the Legislature to include this language in legislation this session.”

Hacer clic aquí to view draft language.