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Opening an Insurance Agency

So, you’re thinking about opening your own insurance agency?!

Well, before you open the doors for the first time, a review of the laws and rules affecting insurance representatives and the operation of Florida agencies could be very beneficial to you. After all, you want to maintain a compliant agency. Insurance laws are located in Title XXXVII of the Florida Statutes and predominantly in Capítulo 69B del Código Administrativo de la Florida.

Here’s a quick overview of the laws and procedures that new (and not-so-new) agents frequently inquire about, along with the applicable legal citations, for opening a major* lines insurance agency.  If that's not for you, be sure to check out the guidelines for opening title insurance agencies y bail bond agencies.

Have questions?

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Please make sure you view these references:

Florida Statute sections

626.536 Reporting of actions
626.561 Reporting and accounting for funds
626.572 Rebating; when allowed
626.7352 Customer representative’s office
626.7354 Customer representative’s powers; agent’s and agency’s responsibility
626.748 Agent’s records
626.749 Place of business in the residence (general lines)
626.797 Code of ethics (life, health and variable annuities)

Florida Administrative Code rules

69B-150 Life and health advertising requirements
69B-211 Insurance Representatives
69B-213 Representantes de Clientes
69B-215 Agentes
69B-222 Unlicensed insurance personnel

Good luck with your new agency!