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This page is the Division of Insurance Agent and Agency's central location for news, alerts, bulletins, and other informational sources which includes valuable information for agents, adjusters and agencies.

These resources will provide you with important information specific to Florida regarding: Laws, Regulations, and Market trends.

Industry News & Alerts

Suspicious Emails - The Department has been made aware of malicious emails sent out to individuals

Bail Bond Agents/Agencies - View our Bail Bond Agency Primary Agent User Guide to Designate your Primary Bail Bond Agent securely online and file the information for every location online via Mi Perfil. Save time and effort now by getting your bail bond agency locations properly registered to be compliant when bail bond agency licenses are required. 

All Title Agencies: Title Administrative Surcharge Reminder - View the Title Administrative Surcharge Information page.

All Title Agencies - If you do not designate an agent in charge in your title agency's Mi Perfil account, your agency license will be cancelled. You can and should also add your locations' agents in charge as well. More information is available on our Cumplimiento .

All Title Agencies - Annual Data Filing Due May 31 each year.

Verify Before You Sell! - Agents should routinely verify the licensure of the companies for which they're selling.

Boletines y Memorándum These documents contain important legislative and regulatory changes, which will help keep your business in compliance.
Leyes y reglas Read the laws and administrative regulations applicable to the licenses and education courses.