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This page includes information for licensees regulated by the Division.

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Licensing Information, Applications, and Forms

The Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services offers licenses for individuals as well as businesses and establishments. Click to expand each category below for more information on the license types, as well as licensing applications and associated forms.


BE SURE TO ALLOW ADEQUATE TIME FOR YOUR LICENSE APPLICATION TO BE REVIEWED! Chapter 497.167(9), Florida Statutes, requires an application to be complete at least 25 days in advance of a regularly scheduled Board meeting to be considered by the Board at such meeting. The Division’s Licensing Team has internal deadlines for identifying application deficiencies, processing completed applications, and submitting applications for Board action.

The processing of an application begins when the application is received by the Licensing Team. All required information and/or documents must be received, reviewed, and acted upon two weeks prior to the next Board meeting.  Board agendas/packets are then prepared and provided to Board members for their review one week prior to the Board meeting.  The Board packets include a copy of each fully processed application and related documents for the Board’s review.

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Application Fees and Renewal Schedules

Additional Licensing Requirements

Special Information for Preneed Licensees

Quarterly Preneed Remittance through eAppoint Online

Preneed Funeral and Cemetery Arrangements Brochure Order Form 

This form is for use in purchasing the Board of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services Brochure regarding cemetery and preneed sales


Todos los paquetes de renovación de pre necesidad deben enviarse a la División a más tardar el 1 de abril de 2023.

Haga clic aquí para obtener Instrucciones Generales de Renovación de Pre Necesidad

Si no cuenta con su paquete de renovación, use el paquete de renovación en blanco que se encuentra a continuación, en el formato que desee:

Paquete de Renovación Anual de Sucursal y Licencia de Pre Necesidad (10 formularios)