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Instrucciones para Reclamaciones Principales

Agents and other general creditor type claimants that provided goods or services to a company in receivership should follow the applicable instructions below to file one master claim in which the sum of all outstanding invoices equals the total amount of the claim.

The Master Claim Filing Instructions linked below are different depending on the type of general creditor.

Claims submitted in a format other than what is set out in the instructions may delay evaluation of your claim(s), result in the rejection of your claim(s) in its entirety and/or result in an offset against your claim(s) of any administrative costs incurred.

Claims Vendor General Creditors: If you provided services on claim files (appraisers, adjusters, defense attorneys, etc.) and have unpaid invoices, click on the following link:  Claims Vendor General Creditor Master Claim Instructions

All Other General Creditors: If you have multiple unpaid invoices (agents, premium finance companies, landlords, utility companies, etc.) or you would typically have multiple invoices, click on the following link:
Instrucciones para Reclamaciones Principales de Todos los Demás Acreedores Generales

Medical Provider: If you are a medical provider, and require claim filing instructions, please contact the Receiver using this link: Contáctenos.

If you need guidance on the claim filing process for a specific receivership, please review the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) for that individual receivership.  A listing of companies in receivership can be found on our  de seguros .