Informes de la OIG

Annual and Long-Term Audit Work Plans

Fiscal Years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021

Informes de Auditoría

IA 19503 - Audit of Bureau of Licensing
IA 16502 - Audit of DFS Purchasing Card Program
IA 14501B - Monitoring and Oversight Processes & Stewardship of Insurer Assets
IA 14501A - Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation – Disbursement and Receipting Processes
IA 12205 - Data Exchange Agreement with DHSMV for Use of DAVE and DAVID Databases
IA 10004 - Florida State Fire College
IA 09046 - Bureau of Auditing Payment Processing Function
IA 09004 - Cash Receipting Process
IA 09030 - Division of Treasury Investment Pool
IA 08013 - Surplus Property
IA 06/07-02A - Division of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services
IA 08118 - Division of Risk Management
IA 13203 - Internal Controls Over Personal Data Under DHSMV Memorandum of Understanding and Audit Follow-up of IA 12-205