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The Division can assist you with policies purchased in the state of Florida. If your policy was purchased in another state, you need to contact the insurance office where your policy was purchased. Click on the NAIC button below to find the issuing state’s contact information.

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Before You Submit Your Concern

Incomplete submissions will cause delays. Before you submit your concern, review all four sections below and follow the steps to properly submit your insurance concern.


Before submitting your concern, please contact the insurance company and allow them the opportunity to resolve your issue. Most issues can be resolved within 30 days.

  • State your concerns to the company’s representative.

  • Provide the information they request (e.g., write a formal letter of complaint, file any specific forms, provide supporting documentation, etc.).

  • Keep detailed records of all your communications with the insurance company.

  • Gather and send the required documentation to the insurance company.

If you are unable to resolve your concern with the insurance company or are not satisfied with their response, please proceed to Step 2.


Concerns We Can Help With

Concerns We Can't Help With

The Division can help you with insurance concerns involving companies that issue policies within Florida that include property and casualty, health, life, annuity, disability, long-term care, warranties, bail bonds, and title insurance companies. We can also assist you with issues concerning agents and agencies. Examples include:

  • Coverage Issues
  • Disputas de Reclamaciones
  • Problemas con las Primas
  • Policy Cancellations or Non-Renewals
  • Sales Misrepresentations

The Division is unable to assist with:

Large Employer Health Plans
If your employer's headquarters are not located in the State of Florida, contact the U.S. Department of Labor who regulates employer self-funded health plans: o 866-444-3272.

Medicare Supplements
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has jurisdiction over the Medicare program:

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) offers local liaisons to providers and recipients. They handle claims resolution, training, transportation, and manage Child Health Check-Up screenings on a local level: o 850-412-4000.

Florida Healthy Kids
Complaints regarding a provider of service, the insurance company or HMO, enrollment, cancellation, underwriting, or other issues that involve the FHK administrative office should be referred to customer service at 800-821-KIDS (5437) or

Policies Purchased in Another State
If your issue does not involve an insurance policy purchased in Florida, please contact the appropriate state's insurance office.


What We Can Do

What We Can't Do

  • Contact the insurance company or agent/agency and require them to provide an explanation for their actions. By statute, insurance companies/agencies have 20 days to respond to the Department once an insurance concern has been filed. We strive to resolve the issue within 30 days.
  • Review the company's response to make sure they followed Florida Statutes and Administrative Code.
  • Help you understand your insurance policy.
  • Recommend places you can go for help if we don't have the legal right to resolve it.
  • Provide you with legal advice.
  • Make medical judgments or determine who is at fault.
  • We cannot determine a question of fact.
  • Determine the value of a claim, the amount owed to you, or act as your adjuster.
  • Compel a company to pay a claim, refund a premium, reinstate and/or issue a policy (if they have not violated any law, rule or policy provision).

To help ensure that we receive all necessary information to investigate your submission, please provide us with the following:

  • The exact name of the insurance company

  • The full name of any agent or adjuster who may be involved

  • Su número de póliza;

  • Your claim number and the date of your loss, if applicable

  • A copy of your Páginas de Declaraciones. If it is a health insurance issue, provide a copy of the front and back of the insurance card.

  • A detailed description of your concern.

  • Copies of supporting documentation.

Public Record Notice: Under Section 119.011(12) Florida Statutes, Public Records are all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, audio and video tapes, photographs, films, sound recordings, data processing software, or other material regardless of physical form, characteristics, or means of transmission, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by the Department, which are used to perpetuate, communicate or formalize knowledge.

Once you have gathered the required materials and documentation, you are ready to submit your concern. Select by clicking the "Online Insurance Assistance" link under the "Submit an Insurance Concern Online" section below. If you have a general question, send an email to:


Submit a General Insurance Question

If you have a general insurance related question and do not wish to file an insurance concern, please email us at

Ready to Submit Concern

After you've reviewed the sections above you are now ready to submit your concern.

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Submit a concern related to insurance products, including bonds, warranties and annuities, online by visiting our Asistencia sobre Seguros, en Línea homepage. The request is assigned to an insurance specialist to provide necessary assistance.

Próximos pasos:

The Division will contact the company or agent/agency to address your concerns. In addition to requiring a response to our office, we may ask that the company or agent/agency also contact you directly to try to resolve the issue(s).

You may hear from the company or agent/agency. They may try to clarify your concerns or attempt to resolve your issues.

When we receive the information from the company or agent/agency, we will review the file to determine what action we can take. We will then notify you of our determination.

If our office is unable to obtain the resolution you desire, you may consider contacting a private attorney for advice.

If your complaint involves a claim dispute of not more than $8,000, you may want to contact your county's small claims court.

Mediation or arbitration are also possible options.