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Commercial Property Insurance Overview

Just as individuals and families buy homeowners insurance, businesses and other organizations buy commercial insurance. The distinction between personal insurance and commercial insurance is fundamental to property-casualty insurers. Some insurers provide only commercial insurance, and some provide only personal insurance. Many insurers provide both, but typically do so through separate personal and commercial divisions. In general, the property-casualty insurance needs of businesses and other organizations are more complex than those of individuals and families. Accordingly, commercial insurance involves a far greater number of policy forms and endorsements than personal insurance. “Commercial Property Insurance” describes insurance covering commercial buildings and their contents against loss caused by fire, windstorm, and many other causes of loss, or perils. Policies may be purchased to cover only a single building at a location or many buildings at different locations (blanket).

Disclaimer: The information provided within this overview is not “all inclusive” concerning commercial property insurance. Insurer’s policy forms vary so you should always consult your agent regarding specific coverage questions. We hope the following information shows how endorsements may be used to add or remove coverage to address a business-owner’s specific needs.


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